Extruder EXT90M

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Extruder EXT90M

The ALEMO EXT90M extrusion line for EPE sheet production was designed to extrude Polyethylene foam sheets with direct gas injection.

General data:
Extruder type: Single screw
Material: EPE (extruded Polyethylene foam)
Production capacity: 150 kg/h (real capacity)
Density: 15 – 450 kg/m3
Thickness: 0,5 – 6 mm
Max. sheet width: 1600 mm
Max. speed of line: 170 m/min

Downstream options:
– In-line lamination unit
– Automatic winder
– In-line longitudinal cutting
– Automatic roll discharge trolley
– In-line pre-cutting
– Automatic hotmelt gluing of cores
– In-line perforation
– Other