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Automatic cutting and bag-making machine

The machine was designed to transform coils of flexible packaging material into various formats and bags to different sizes. Completely automatic control system allows easy use of the machine. One good experienced worker can manage two machines together.

Coreless (re)winder

Alemo Coreless (re)winder was designed to transform flexible plastic sheets such as PE-foam, its laminates, air bubble film etc. into small short rolls without inner paper core. That kind of rolls were studied on the demand of retail market such as DIY or hardware stores where quantities of packaging and underlayment materials are low.

Plank lamination machine

The machine was specifically designed in order to achieve maximum productivity with lowest scrap ratio. The result is machine laminating up to seven (6) rolls in one step at speeds up to 20m/min. The machine can laminate input material from 6 to 25 mm thick; for higher final thickness requirements plank to plank lamination can be performed.

Corner making and cutting machine

The machine was developed to significantly increase the productive capacities of companies supplying protective PE foam corner and custom-cut products. This automatic machine requires minimum workforce, just one (1) operator inserting profiles/pipes into the machine and/or controlling the machine via touch-screen panel.

Automatic winder

Thickness: 0,5 – 20 mm automatic cut and change
Max. width: 3000mm (1600mm, 20000mm, 2500mm or 3000mm)
Max. speed of line: more than 170 m/min

– Longitudinal trimming
– Hot-melt gluing of cores
– Flying knife cut
– Automatic unloading of rolls
– Coreless winding

In-line lamination unit

Technical informations:
– Speed: more than 170m/min
– Materials: HDPE, LDPE, other similar
– Width: 1600mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm
– Lamination method: hot roll, oil heated

Optional: micro-perforation; longitudinal cutting unit

In-line precutting unit

The unit is used for production of rolls with pre-cutted sheet formats that can be easily stripped off the roll. The speed and precise operation of the pre-cut unit depends on the signal it receives from winder and quality of the winding system.